LINQ Partner Program

Partnership LINQ Ltd. builds transformational technology that changes how organisations view, plan, manage communicate their business transformation journey.  LINQ helps break down the barriers between the business, executive and IT leadership to drive value based decision making and business change prioritisation.

We are looking to partner with consultancies and integrators to help organisations take this transformational step. We are particularly interested in building partnerships with organisations who understand how information can transform business outcomes.

At LINQ we believe engaging strategic consulting partners is key to making our customers successful. Through our Partner Program we are building a global team of trusted consultants who are passionate about helping their customers meet the challenges of transformational change head on.


Use LINQ in order to provide higher value services to their customers. Our consulting partners receive financial, training and product insight benefits.

We are eager to talk to you about how to partnering with LINQ can expand your business into new areas. We are creating a new business and market to help organisations manage their Information Supply Chains. Contact us today at to discuss with us how you can join us.