About the Team

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    Michelle Boodee – Consultant

    Michelle has spent the last few years with her head in the books studying GIS, Geography and French at Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand. Now, fresh from her postgraduate studies, Michelle aids the team at LINQ by helping to make LINQ usable and useful in the best way possible. Michelle has had a close relationship with LINQ from the beginning, and is tasked with grooming LINQ free of bugs while also working closely with the idea innovators and product owners to make sure everything passes the test. Outside the office, Michelle keeps herself busy by keeping her français up to scratch, trawling Netflix, and making plans to cross the next item off her bucket list.

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    Neil Calvert – Chief Operating Officer

    Neil is a technologist with a large streak of gadget running through his veins. He gets people and is motivated by helping them achieve the most important things to them using IT. Since moving to New Zealand with his family in 2009 his focus has been on helping to transform businesses at home and overseas. As the COO of LINQ, Neil is tasked with keeping the company operating smoothly as it takes its LINQ journey. He has his hands in many pies; Marketing strategies, Sales activities, partner engagements and internal operations to name a few. Outside of work Neil is a keen Scuba Diver, particularly enjoying being able to catch fresh fish, coaches and referees junior rugby, stays active through his fitness group and relaxes in the kitchen creating gastronomic delights for family and friends!

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    Stew Darling – Chief Executive Officer

    Stew has spent more than half of his life dressed as a soldier, living in all manner of sandpits.  A move to New Zealand in 2013 was a great excuse to finally shake-off that persona and do something really different.  As CEO, his task at LINQ is to coordinate all the different aspects of a start-up; the operations, the development of LINQ while keeping a beady eye on the finances and seeking more investment.  With little business experience there is much to learn however his military career has set him up well for this.  A life-long learner, Stew is an avid reader who bring this vicarious experience to the LINQ Team.  When not working or sleeping, Stew enjoys Scuba diving, the outdoor life and competing with Neil to put a great plate of food on the table.

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    Emma Dowman – Designer

    Emma is a recent Massey graduate with a Bachelor of Design with Honours, majoring in Visual Communication Design. She has a love for everything design and animation, from print to digital modelling to photography. She always strives for success in everything she does, as achieving well is one of her top priorities. Attention to detail and pride in her work is how she finds her success, along with not being afraid to push herself out of her comfort zone.

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    Jono Halse – Lead Developer

    Jonathan Halse is an application developer and user interface designer, with more than 15 years of experience.  He has delivered solutions and products for both the public and private sector, including multinational companies.  He has a passion for software development and visual design.  Jonathan endeavors to create high quality software that is functional and intuitive.  He has great attention to detail, is an excellent problem solver, and a sound communicator. Jonathan has effectively lead teams delivering business critical goals within demanding timeframes.  Key Skills: Graphic design, UX design, Software engineering, Software architecture, Leadership.

  • Jonny Hay

    Jonny Hay – Business Development Manager

    Jonny brings with him over twenty years sales and business development experience across a number of sectors in both the UK and NZ. He has gained extensive knowledge of New Zealand’s business transformation and change environment having operated within the executive recruitment industry. He has operated as senior leader, Associate Director and a Principal Consultant and understands the core ingredients needed to deliver a successful change. Outside work his 6 year old son keeps him busy, when he is not on the hunt for Pokemon he will be fishing in Wellington’s stunning harbour.

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    Grant Reid – Product Manager

    Grant is a techie who loves helping people and playing around with new ideas. This means he runs around looking at what people need, trying to optimise everything with some new idea he just learnt.  He once got told, “you are not a normal engineer” and that made him truly happy. His greatest achievements are the high performance teams he has helped to form and grow, and turning around some products that had lost their mojo.  When he is not geeking out over some new idea, he loves hanging out with his wife Sandra, and watching thought provoking Japanese animation.

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    Mark Shaw – Chief Information Officer

    Mark has spent much of his career working with emerging technologies, enjoying the chance to learn something new. He has worked in a variety of IT roles from systems administration to user experience design.
    When not building virtual systems with the latest technology Mark spends his time building physical objects with traditional techniques. He is equally enthusiastic about designing on a laptop or an anvil.

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    David Swann – Chief Technology Officer

    After graduating as a Mining Engineer from the University of Wales, David spent a couple of years pursuing a PhD before the miners went on strike.  In some desperation, David joined the Army and then found a comfortable niche in Military Survey, providing geographic support to the defence community.  All good things beget more good things so David was then recruited by Esri, the world’s leading geographic information systems software company.  He dragged his family over to Southern California where, after enjoying the sunshine and enduring the traffic and smog, it was decided that ‘there has to be a better place’.  New Zealand was it.  David’s spent years exploring the transformational the potential of IT and has been frustrated by how few organisations realise this potential.  As CTO of LINQ, David is coordinating the development of the LINQ platform; the pinnacle of his career to date.  David enjoys travel (just as well given the amount he does!) and is a keen kayaker – the best way of seeing New Zealand!