LINQ benefits

“Through the process of understanding where you are today, decision making becomes a straight forward task, and can quickly lead to business transformation.

LINQ is an authoritative platform within any organisation – the transformation system of record. It records why changes were initiated and the outcomes of these decisions, which can be communicated to everyone in the team.

This new ability to talk about opportunities and issues reduces the time it takes to get your whole team on the same page.”

Stew Darling, Non-Exec Director, LINQ

Aligning cost and value

Know the value of your information assets

Understand the cost of producing what you need to do business

Identify opportunities to realign budgets to support valuable outcomes

Clearly understand the cost and value of the work people perform

Business transformation

Visualise your business case for change

Increase decision intelligence through evidence-based insights

Ensure that you identify the cultural demands of business change

Prioritise transformation based on value

Streamline processes

Remove information waste from your organisation

Understand which activities are appropriate for digitalisation

Ensure that information is accessible for decision making when you need it

Add-value to your other process re-engineering strategies by focusing on business value

Synchronise your team

Reduce frustration by enabling people to innovate about better ways to work

Motivate your team by ensuring they know the value they deliver

Identify tasks of low value which if changed or removed generate time to be curious

Mobilize your team to contribute to your digital transformation

Project Management

Accelerate project decision making based on evidence using modelling

Deliver your change projects ordered by the value they deliver to the organisation

De-risk decisions by sharing tangible benefits before the work starts

Manage scope creep by accurately defining project boundaries

A line drawing denoting the benefits of using LINQ - financial, time, risk, awareness, communcation, availability

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