LINQ benefits

A word from the CEO

“Through the process of understanding where you are today, decision making becomes a straight forward task, and can quickly lead to business transformation.

LINQ can be an authoritative platform within any organisation – the transformation systems of record. It records why changes were initiated and the outcomes of these decisions, which can be communicated to everyone in the team.

This new ability to talk about opportunities and issues reduces the time it takes to get your whole team on the same page.”

Stew Darling, Chief Executive Officer, LINQ

Aligning cost and value

When the costs of delivering a service is connected to the value of the outcome, you have a clear understanding of the total cost of ownership and overall return on investment.

LINQ enables you to see who is doing what and the value of this action, so you can make justifiable decisions that actually transform the way your business works.

Business transformation

When you can base your decisions on robust insights, you can prioritise the projects that will deliver the most valuable and efficient business outcomes.

Streamline processes

LINQ helps you uncover opportunities to remove latency and the unnecessary processes that don’t serve business objectives. This elimination of process waste will save you time and money, and allow your team to concentrate on the actions that serve your overall objectives.

Synchronise your team

Motivate your team with clear, evidence-based solutions to business challenges. By unlocking their time from manual, repetitive tasks, you’ll make way for creativity, collaboration and sharing new ideas for innovation.

Project Management

With LINQ, you can efficiently see the potential cost benefit and risk assessment when initiating projects.

By modelling your information flows, you can pinpoint the areas of your organisation that would benefit from change whilst predicting the tangible benefits of transformation.

Your customer journey

At LINQ we take pride in continually providing support to all our customers. Our Customer Success team will actively work with you to ensure that you get the most out of LINQ.

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