LINQ is being used to enable digital transformation and align investment decisions with business outcomes, across a wide range of industries.

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Enabling digital transformation for leading organisations

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The organisation logo for Vocus Communications a LINQ customer

See how LINQ helped Vocus in migrating from old processes to new in order to deliver the customer experience they demanded.

The organisation logo for Vix Technology - a LINQ customer

With LINQ, VIX has been able to communicate the effective gains to be made through standardisation, as they implemented a finance system across their growing global group.

The organisation logo for Rackspace - the worlds leading cloud infrastructure provider

Using LINQ to create information flow templates, Rackspace has been able to better describe the value they deliver to their customers by including the human cost of migrating to the cloud.

The organisation logo for the New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission

Learn how TEC used LINQ to visualise and understand the opportunity to simplify the processes for student enrolment in tertiary education.

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