Process improvement in response to COVID-19


The Customer

DocuVault provides records management services to businesses large and small. They are proud of their reputation for industry-leading customer service, and work every day to help their clients streamline records management processes, reduce cost, and minimize risk while staying compliant.

DocuVault specializes in document storage, retrieval, indexing, shredding, scanning, and electronic data storage and destruction. They boast a Record Center of over 40 million documents from clients across the Delaware Valley Area.

The Challenge

During the COVID-19 quarantine, DocuVault was forced to lay off a significant amount of their workforce. Difficulty in sustaining daily operations was compounded by a special project that required large scale shelving, relocation of current records and the expected shipment of approximately 100,000 records.  With a tight timeline and little room for error, DocuVault reached out to Greencastle to assess their daily operations with the goal of improving efficiency and accountability to meet their business goals.

The Solution

Greencastle assessed DocuVault’s current process and organizational structure. Using LINQ, Greencastle was able to identify areas of improvement almost immediately.  In conjunction with the DocuVault team, Greencastle implemented a new process that streamlined employee activity. With a massive warehouse, every step was documented and analyzed. Normally the process is very manual and takes weeks, Greencastle was able to provide insights within days.

The Results

As a result of the project, the new way of managing the business identified approximately 134 wasted work hours per Record Specialist per month (a total of 8000/year) that eliminated the expense of temporarily hiring staff to meet the special project timeline. All together, the project showed the value of a new technology (LINQ) and the willingness of an organization to change to meet the needs of their clients. Docuvault is expecting to save a total of 8000 work hours and $140,000 in 2020 alone.

Man walking through isles of documents stored on DocuVaults premises

Cost savings icon

Estimated annual savings
of $140,000

Time savings icon

Recovered 134 hours of wasted
time per employee per month

Work improvement icon

8,000 hours saved per year

Digital Tranformation in the time of COVID-19

The DocuVault Story

Partnering with DocuVault, Greencastle assessed the roles and responsibilities of each employee. Additionally, the entire document storage process was built within the LINQ platform. Using LINQ’s digital twin of Docuvault’s process, the team was able to quickly identify areas for improvement. Knowing the current operational process is essential to understanding how the organization solves problems. Coupling LINQ with the stated business goals and the onsite assets, the Greencastle team mapped out a new process that leveraged the strengths of the organization and created a new way to store, retrieve and process records. Working with DocuVault’s leadership, a new process was implemented and reinforced to ensure success.

To increase the team’s accountability across the business, Greencastle and DocuVault identified new roles and implemented a new structure quickly. 

LINQ allowed the Greencastle team to build a digital copy of DocuVault’s processes to identify waste and inefficiency. Consequently, throughout the assessment process, Greencastle was able to model multiple version of potential future process based upon conversations with managers and employees. The ability to infinitely model a future state of the business identified duplicative steps, wasted movement and other inefficiencies much sooner than traditional approaches.