Meet the Team

A photo of Geoff Bush standing by the New Zealand coast in a lovely orange waterproof

Geoff Bush

Lead Developer

In memory of Geoff Bush.

Sadly Geoff passed away on the 1st January 2021. He was an amazing friend, colleague and husband and is missed every single day.
He had a passion for life and development. LINQ is a testiment to his expertise and ability to convert ideas into capabilities which worked to deliver huge value to LINQs customers.

Geoff will forever be a part of LINQ – his essence lives in his code – and LINQ, already a legacy to Geoff, will contiunue to help organisations around the world to plan for and manage their digital transformation.

Sleep well Geoff.

Matthew Chowen

Matthew Chowen


Matthew, is our vCFO and a high growth SaaS finance specialist.

Since arriving in New Zealand in 2013, he has worked with numerous Wellington based SaaS businesses in an Advisory / CFO capacity. Originally from the UK, Matthew has wide ranging experience across finance, banking & technology having previously held diverse roles at PwC, Lehman Brothers, Barclays and Deloitte.

Matthew is a UK qualified Chartered Accountant and has a Masters Degree in Economics.

A photo of Neil Calvert sitting on some steps holding a crayfish and scallop

Neil Calvert

Chief Executive Officer

Neil is a technologist with a large streak of gadget running through his veins. He gets people and is motivated by helping them achieve the most important things to them by understanding the value of their information. Since moving to New Zealand with his family in 2009 his focus has been on helping to transform businesses at home and overseas. As the CEO, Neil is tasked with getting the message out there and challenging others to think differently – accelerating them towards positive transformational outcomes. Outside of work Neil is a keen Scuba Diver, particularly enjoying being able to catch fresh fish, stays active through Shaolin Kempo, Tai Chi and his fitness group, and relaxes in the kitchen creating gastronomic delights for family and friends!

A photo of Stew Darling wearing a hat by a waterfall

Stew Darling

Non-Exec Director

Stew gets the best out of folks by removing as much bureaucracy as possible allowing them to succeed in their role within the company.  For him it is all about helping the team develop individual strengths and then direct that capability to enhance and improve our output.  As CEO, his task at LINQ is to lead and set the strategy for all aspects of the business; Sales activities, Customer Success requirements, Platform development while keeping a beady eye on the finances and setting the conditions for future growth.  When not working or sleeping, Stew enjoys Scuba diving and the outdoor life. Having just purchased a piece of land in the Wairarapa his next project is building a new home and toy farm.