What is LINQ?

LINQ models your business; the relationships between people, technology, processes and information and how they combine to create your business value. The easy-to-use cloud-native SaaS platform provides insights which help you make evidence-based decisions about where you should invest your time, money and people.

Change leaders across the globe, spanning multiple industries, are now using LINQ to deliver successful change programmes faster than ever before.

LINQ allows TEC to quickly identify gaps in information flow not evident from traditional mapping methods. This allows us to focus our effort on areas of high business impact.

Tanya Boelema
Manager, Architecture, Change and Knowledge
Tertiary Education Commission

The problem LINQ solves

Information is the life-blood of your business. By including information alongside people, processes and technology, LINQ enables you to create a digital representation, or Digital Twin of your organisation.  Once you know how you operate today, you can identify the opportunities to evolve your business, modelling these scenarios of change before you implement them in the real world.

LINQ focuses you on the value of your information. Without that knowledge, and an understanding of the value of the information assets that deliver your business outcomes, you are missing a vital piece of your decision making; your decision intelligence is lowered.

LINQ fixes that; LINQ increases your decision intelligence, enabling you to make the most accurate decisions about where to invest your People, Time and Money to enable your business to meet the demands of the Digital Citizen.

“Implementing digital as part of Digital Transformation is being done based on a need for survival, not ROI” Carl Ward, GTO, Accenture

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LINQ allows you to SEE your organisation in a new way. LINQ’s language lets you capture a view of your business that you’ve never had before; a cross-organisational perspective of your people, processes, technology & information and how they support what you do.

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Through the modelling of scenarios of change, you can SOLVE your business transformation challenge; quickly understand your starting point, provide information to decision makers they really understand and prioritise your investment.

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Finally you can take the entire organisation on the journey with you as you SHARE the outcomes that will be delivered.

See LINQ in action

To understand more about what LINQ can do for your business, read about our features and benefits. Or view some in-depth examples.

LINQ delivers insights enabling you to:


Simplify, condense, and automate processes


Justify spending and eliminate operational waste


Improve communication and synchronise your team


Align cost and value


Prioritise projects and manage them efficiently


Transform your business using quantifiable insights

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