What is LINQ?

LINQ models your business creating the Digital Twin of your Organisation. You model the relationships between people, technology, processes and information and how they combine to create your business value. The easy-to-use cloud-native SaaS platform provides insights which help you make evidence-based decisions about where you should invest your time, money and people.

Change leaders across the globe, spanning multiple industries, are now using LINQ to identifying the opportunities which will generate the most value, to understand the impact that change will have across the business and to deliver successful change programmes faster than ever before.

Within a day we had a view of our organisation which allowed us to identify how we could do things differently. After we built our future state we were able to understand the business impact of a change and take that to leadership for sign-off.

Jennifer Petit
Senior Director
Wow! Internet, Cable & Phone

The problem LINQ solves

The LINQ platform helps you to understand the impact of things you would like to do, before you commit to doing them. LINQ is the start of creating the Digital Twin of your Organisation which will lead to a visualisation, analytics, simulation, connectivity and integration of your business in this environment to ensure decision makers have everything they need to be able to make the correct change decisions.

The LINQ methodology is built around capturing the current state of how you operate and then building future state models – imaging how you would like to operate, which form your scenarios for change, then assessing the difference to understand the impact that will have.

You likely have people within your organisation who are already doing this type of work – perhaps holding round-table strategy sessions, capturing challenges, ideas and solutions on the Whiteboard. LINQ enables this process with a tool and methodology which has been proven to be 10x faster whilst at the same time creating digital business assets which add value to your organisation from the very first discussion.

“Implementing digital as part of Digital Transformation is being done based on a need for survival, not ROI” Carl Ward, GTO, Accenture

The LINQ See icon - without text

LINQ allows you to SEE your organisation in a new way. LINQ’s structured language lets you capture a view of your business that you’ve never had before; a cross-organisational perspective of your people, processes, technology and information and how they support what you do.

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Through the modelling of scenarios of change, you can SOLVE your business transformation challenge; quickly understand your starting point, see the impact a new way of working will have and provide information to decision makers so they truly understand and can prioritise investments to deliver new value.

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Finally you can take the entire organisation on the journey with you as you SHARE the outcomes that will be delivered. People understand why change is necessary, what their role is within the change and what success looks like as your business transformation progresses.

See LINQ in action

To understand more about what LINQ can do for your business, read about our features and benefits. Or view some in-depth examples.

LINQ delivers insights enabling you to:

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[bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”id^3980|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^GDPR-icon-08|description^null” img_width=”48″ title=”Justify spending and eliminate operational waste” el_class=”infobox”][/bsf-info-box]
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