Working with us

We offer consulting – use our experts to get to your insights, fast!

We’ll ensure you reach the outcome as quickly as possible and, on the way, learn how you can continue to apply LINQ once the project is over.

LINQ as your solution

You’ve had the demo and know that LINQ will deliver the outcomes you need. Now it’s time to get started. Paperwork – done…so let’s go!

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Add LINQ users

Setting you up

First, we create your organisation’s account – which takes just a couple of minutes. Next we add your people of interest (including ourselves) into the new account and then create content on your behalf within your own LINQ account.

When that’s complete, we arrange your first Current State workshop, and we’re off!

Modelling Current State

You provide the Subject Matter Experts; we provide the LINQ modeller.

In a facilitated workshop, we translate the conversation about how you work into LINQ. And we do it in real time, so you immediately see the impact of your work.

Current State workshops are repeated until you are confident your operating model has been captured and quantified to the level of detail you need. The end result – a Digital Twin of your Current State.

We use LINQ’s Insights to gain knowledge about how you are working and where the opportunities may lie to add efficiencies and effectiveness.

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Modelling the Future State

Using your SMEs and anyone else you need to involve, we explore how your organisation would like to work to deliver the outcome we are investigating.

We create your Future State model(s) directly into LINQ, so you can explore the impact of change. This can range from a process re-engineering, the introduction of new software, the utilisation of data and information to create new products or a change in how people are involved in value-creation.

LINQ’s Insights help you see the impact this change will have and also creates content to support the business case you will need to take to your decision-makers.

Presenting the value

We help you to create a successful narrative! You might need a slide-deck, or simply to understand how to navigate LINQ’s Insights. Whatever you need to get your leadership on-board, we help you prepare the content using the evidence captured in your LINQ models.

The outcome we strive for is acceptance that the change you have been modelling will create value to your business and that your leadership, by understanding the impact created, will enthusiastically and confidently support you.

Capturing your as-built state

For LINQ’s content to be ready to support your on-going change and transformation, it is important to capture the as-built state of your new operating model.

We work with you to ensure that the changes made are reflected in your model – that your as-built state becomes your new Current State so that you are all set to use LINQ to support your next piece of change.

Developing your in-house capability

Success for LINQ is being able to exit your business leaving you with the content and the capability to manage your next change using LINQ.

Part of our engagement includes helping your team to understand how to capture and analyse content as well as preparing presentation material so you can repeat the process as your change journey continues.

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Interested in how LINQ can help you see the impact of change before you invest budget?  Book a conversation with Neil today.