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The LINQ Partner Programme enables individual consultants and consultancy or customer advisory organisations who want to deliver outcomes with LINQ access to the platform to do just that! LINQ also have a Referral Programme, so you can benefit from introducing LINQ to your network. Read about our current Partners and if you’re interested in joining the network, please get in touch.

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Arben offers on demand CIO, Executive and Management services to help organisations understand what information they have, or need, that can be used to provide insight into their business and enable better business decisions. We then look at your systems to identify what to keep, what to remove and what needs to be added to achieve success. At a strategic level Arben ensure your technology investments have a clear business rational and link information and technology to your capability and offerings.

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MagikMinds implements enterprise solutions that enable utility and telecommunication companies to effectively manage their distribution networks. Trust your GIS/OMS projects to MagikMinds for faster development, smoother deployment, and exceptional usability and performance. As one of the world’s strongest GE competency centers, MagikMnds have extensive expertise with Smallworld GIS, PowerOn OMS, GE Mobile Enterprise, GE Office Suites, and Predix IoT. Their GE experience is complemented by deep expertise in Java, HTML5 and a full complement of systems integration technologies, including GE’s GeoSpatial Server, various middleware packages, MultiSpeak, CIM and more.

MagikMinds technical expertise is paralleled by the extensive utility and telecom industry knowledge. Because they understand your business processes, regulatory requirements, and operating environment, you can be assured that the solution they create for you works well not just from a technical standpoint but also from a business standpoint.

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StratSim works with change leaders who may be frustrated by the shortcomings in their existing Data Modelling, Business Process Mapping and Enterprise Architecture approaches in responding to a tsunami of information and continuously changing business environment. StratSim utilises the innovative Information Supply Chain methodology, LINQ that harnesses those existing approaches in an easy to learn, fast to capture and simple to communicate methodology and toolset. StratSim Ltd: Strategic Thinking – Simple Solutions

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CoEvolution Consulting provides the missing connections for organisations looking to create new ways of working in a VUCA world. Through mutually beneficial partnerships we create relationships and connections both inside and outside of organisations to help leaders evolve their approach to delivering business value and engaging with their most important assets; starting with people and then focusing of process, technology and information.

Our collective works with the best and brightest minds across Lean, Agile, Change and Transformation so that you can focus on delivering your best outcomes through solid long term partnerships.

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Orbica is an industry-leading location data technology company with a vision to enhance a billion lives through the power of geography. Orbica harnesses the power of location and develops smart data visualisations to enable organisations to make sense of their data, understand what’s happening in their business and make informed decisions.

LINQ allows Orbica to highlight the information, systems and people within an organisation that will deliver the highest value outcome, which produces added value for their clients.

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