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The LINQ Partner Programme enables individual consultants and consultancy or customer advisory organisations who want to deliver outcomes with LINQ access to the platform to do just that! LINQ also have a Referral Programme, so you can benefit from introducing LINQ to your network. Read about our current Partners and if you’re interested in joining the network, please get in touch.

LINQ Resellers

The organisation logo for MagikMinds - a LINQ partner

MagikMinds implements enterprise solutions that enable utility and telecommunication companies to effectively manage their distribution networks. Trust your GIS/OMS projects to MagikMinds for faster development, smoother deployment, and exceptional usability and performance. As one of the world’s strongest GE competency centers, MagikMnds have extensive expertise with Smallworld GIS, PowerOn OMS, GE Mobile Enterprise, GE Office Suites, and Predix IoT. Their GE experience is complemented by deep expertise in Java, HTML5 and a full complement of systems integration technologies, including GE’s GeoSpatial Server, various middleware packages, MultiSpeak, CIM and more.

MagikMinds technical expertise is paralleled by the extensive utility and telecom industry knowledge. Because they understand your business processes, regulatory requirements, and operating environment, you can be assured that the solution they create for you works well not just from a technical standpoint but also from a business standpoint.

MagikMinds resell LINQ and provide LINQ training, implementation services, consultancy and support into the Utility sector in North America, India and Australia.

Fill The Gap are a growth consultancy dedicated to helping organisations leap any hurdles preventing them from achieving the growth they dream about.

With decades of experience implementing complex and often bespoke software solutions for organisations of all shapes and sizes, the team at Fill The Gap have come together to provide a holistic approach to identifying and removing hurdles regardless of where in your organisation they present themselves.

Fill The Gap are not looking to displace your existing software and service providers, but rather to allow you to benefit from the insight that LINQ provides to get better value for money, and more successful projects delivery.

Fill The Gap resell LINQ and provide LINQ training, implementation services, consultancy and support throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Zagright logo - a LINQ Partner

ZagRight is proud to be a dedicated global reseller of LINQ.

With LINQ by its side, ZagRight is helping its customers plan & execute their digital transformation journeys with pace and certainty.

Zagright’s mission is to build a worldwide community of customers and partners devoted to LINQ.

Its focus is on providing the domain expertise and product knowledge organisations need to leverage the full capability of LINQ and secure the success of their digital transformation initiatives.

ZagRight is also a thought-leader in information asset valuation, the practical application of Infonomics and building the digital twin of the organisation (DTO).

LINQ Consulting Partners

Arben Consulting logo with text saying Systems with Purpose

Arben offers on demand CIO, Executive and Management services to help organisations understand what information they have, or need, that can be used to provide insight into their business and enable better business decisions. We then look at your systems to identify what to keep, what to remove and what needs to be added to achieve success. At a strategic level Arben ensure your technology investments have a clear business rational and link information and technology to your capability and offerings.

Greencastle Consulting logo

When a company is looking for a program and project management firm that is organized, data-driven, focused doing things right the first time with a mission first approach, that is us – Greencastle Consulting. We recognize we aren’t the right fit for every project, and we don’t try to be. We focus on creating structure from chaos, making projects less painful through constant communication and value-added project management. We want to get involved early in the process, listen to your needs and requirements, and either lead or assist the team in developing the most robust, long term solution. That is why we use LINQ.

Theta logo

Theta helps organisations – in New Zealand and around the world – to transform their businesses with technology. Established in 1995, their team of over 250 professionals improve processes, solve problems and generate new insights with intelligent and innovative solutions.

Theta looks for technologies that provide an edge for customers, and digital twins for business modelling is a smart way to deliver business improvements.  Our partnership with LINQ will help Kiwi organisations to develop a better understanding of their processes, making vital evidence-led operational decisions as a result.

The organisation logo for Stratsim - a LINQ Partner

StratSim works with change leaders who may be frustrated by the shortcomings in their existing Data Modelling, Business Process Mapping and Enterprise Architecture approaches in responding to a tsunami of information and continuously changing business environment. StratSim utilises the innovative Information Supply Chain methodology, LINQ that harnesses those existing approaches in an easy to learn, fast to capture and simple to communicate methodology and toolset. StratSim Ltd: Strategic Thinking – Simple Solutions

LEVA Advisory logo - a LINQ Partner

LEVA Advisory are Programme Management consultants working across New Zealand, primarily focusing on supporting clients to deliver successful outcomes using their Programme Management skills. LEVA are Project, Programme and PMO Management specialists with expertise in internal business process efficiency and change, IT/technology, Local Government, insurance claims processes and infrastructure projects/programmes.

LEVA Business Insights – powered by LINQ

We utilise LINQ throughout the programme/project lifecycle to help clients better visualise their current state and provide the ability to scenario a better future state.  We can also tailor a roadmap to achieve the client’s desired outcomes. LINQ enables LEVA to easily model client business processes and create a “digital twin” of their organisation. The Business Insights derived from this digital twin include an understanding of the cost of current processes, the people involved and those impacted by any proposed change.  It also provides insights to the use and importance of the systems supporting the organisation and the cost and value of information assets. These insights form the basis of business cases, programme delivery plans, change management plans and benefits realisation.

LEVA are a LINQ consulting partner and use the LINQ platform, along with their programme management and business analytical expertise to help organisations define their strategic objectives, develop a programme of work to achieve goals and facilitate the successful delivery of programme outcomes.

X is Y logo using the mathmatical symbol for is

At X is Y, we consider ourselves Management Consultants for the Digital Age. Which means integrating design, change management and delivery into contemporary ways of working such as Design Thinking and Agile as well as using cutting edge technology to supercharge speed and value.  

We start by understanding the goals of our clients, identifying the path forward and moving quickly to deliver a result; usually this looks like an improvement to process, data quality and/or analytics to bring information to the right people at the right time to move forward with confidence and clarity in the most efficient way possible.

LINQ Integration Partners

Hubscope logo - a LINQ integration partner

HubScope lets you and your team see invisible interdependencies from your existing data.

It does this by automatically drawing and allowing users to interact with ‘current state’ and ‘future state’ diagrams from different stakeholder perspectives, all based on existing data.

LINQ provides a perfect candidate for both pre-project transformation planning and Business Architect data sources acting as a handover to project delivery and BAU support teams. Both current and future states can be imported and then elaborated with more detailed project based source data.

HubScope has been developed to help anyone involved in technology-based projects to easily gain situational awareness by visualizing various relationships. This opens up collaboration opportunities and creates ways to deal with the challenges arising from working with complex technology interdependencies, especially useful when performing current state analysis prior to a major technology refresh. For further information and case studies visit hubscope.com

LINQ Referral Partners

The organisation logo for CoEvolution - a LINQ Referral Partner

CoEvolution Consulting provides the missing connections for organisations looking to create new ways of working in a VUCA world. Through mutually beneficial partnerships we create relationships and connections both inside and outside of organisations to help leaders evolve their approach to delivering business value and engaging with their most important assets; starting with people and then focusing of process, technology and information.

Our collective works with the best and brightest minds across Lean, Agile, Change and Transformation so that you can focus on delivering your best outcomes through solid long term partnerships.

The logo for Datisfy - a LINQ Partner

Datisfy specialise in developing Crystal Reports that work; designing professional, custom reports for QuickBooks data. Their tag line, “It’s time to stop futzing around with Excel and get the numbers you actually require” perfectly sums up the value they add.

As masters of data, Datisfy come across many organisations suffering from lack of knowledge about their data and information assets and what they can do to optimise business operations. A referral partnership with LINQ enables Datisfy to offer advice to organisations beyond fixing QuickBooks. The Datisfy-LINQ partnership enables a capability which can start with financials and spread to all aspects of an organisations information assets.

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