About LINQ

Tired of hearing “No” when you pitch a change to your organisation? Fed up with wasting your time?

LINQ’s proven methodology and software gets you to valuable conversations with senior stakeholders much faster than approaches you’ve used before. LINQ focuses attention where it matters, and communicates in a way that everyone understands – especially financial decision-makers.

Cut down months of analysis, and create credible, transparent business cases your executives will say “Yes!” to more often.

Only hearing half the story? Unable to see the big picture you need for an informed decision?

LINQ transforms the complexity of the traditional views of the enterprise business into simple, Information Supply Chains. You can see the hidden risks of change, the benefits, costs, and affected people around a change.

Business is simple, and transparent when you can see it for yourself.

Are you getting left behind? Is the pace of innovation too slow?

Boost your innovation delivery by focusing your people on the changes that really matter. LINQ delivers insights about change, and highlights transformational opportunities by connecting the value of all information to your business outcomes.

Your staff will be coming to you with their own innovations, pre-armed with facts, and a deeper understanding of the whole system.


What is LINQ?

LINQ™ is a global, cloud-native software platform built for business change leaders. It combines a unique Information Supply Chain methodology, and unique visual analysis tools to bring a new dimension to understanding and transforming your business.

LINQ is designed to work alongside other methodologies and tools including:

  • Business Process Modelling
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Data flow modelling

Who are LINQ?

LINQ Ltd. is an innovative software company, based in Wellington, New Zealand, setting out to change how the leaders of change enable business transformation. We know that businesses struggle to understand how to use their information assets to really transform their organisations, and have been perfecting a solution for more than three years. That solution is LINQ™.

See the Enterprise. Solve the Problems. Share the Solutions.