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“We’ve not seen any other company solving the complex challenges of mapping information assets. We’re very excited about the data flow mapping solutions offered through LINQ’s SaaS platform.”


What is LINQ?

LINQ™ is a cloud-native SaaS platform, built to connect you with your most valuable business asset – your information.

LINQ uses proven methodologies to capture your information flows and deliver powerful, evidence-based insights. LINQ cuts down months of analysis, and creates credible, transparent business cases that lead to informed decision-making.


Capture and maintain your current state, easily

Create and maintain a current state view of your business twice as fast than with other tools.


A clear and simple map of your business

Visualise the flow of information throughout your business in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.


Prioritise digital investment decisions

Clearly align the cost and value of investment decisions to your business outcomes.


Enable Business Transformation

Quickly identify areas for improvement and model changes to your business processes.

Leaders of change

The information within your business is one of the most critical elements to your continued success. LINQ’s unique platform helps you navigate the pace of change by enabling positive decision-making.

“LINQ allows us to quickly identify gaps in information flow not evident from traditional mapping methods. This allows us to focus our effort on areas of high business impact.”

Senior Business Analyst
NZ Government Department

“LINQ has been the catalyst of change across the business; visually capturing the complexities and optimising opportunities has been eye-opening”

Programme Manager
NZ Government Department

“LINQ provides solid insights into the business as a whole and retains a dynamic nature to keep pace with changing priorities and directions.”

Senior Business Analyst

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