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LINQs Digital Twin of the Organisation enables you to understand the impact of your decisions in a risk-free way, before you implement them! It’s a transformation crystal ball!


Model your 'Current State' twin

Visualise how your business operates today; the relationships between People, the work that goes on, the Systems you use & the information you rely on. Identify the purpose of your data & information and why people do the work they do. See how you create business outcomes and identify the opportunity for improvements which impact customers, employees, stakeholders and shareholders.

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A GIF showing a user running through LINQs Insights - sketch summary, system summary and cost allocation

Gain knowledge through Insights

Understand business value & cost of production through “Instant Insights” and identify opportunities to transform your business. Learn where your pain points are, explore the potential impact of change and communicate with the right people using evidence.


Simulate change, implement successful transformations

Model your ‘Future State’ twin – how you will operate once you have addressed the waste in your business. Simulate change to establish new and increased business value. Share the evidence with decision makers focusing on value and return on investment. Measure your success!

A GIF showing LINQ Insights from a current and future state side by side so that the potential outcome from change can be understood

Why Think LINQ?


Deliver Effective Business Cases

Build successful business cases 10 times faster than before


Accelerate your Information Governance

Discover the knowledge you need to build an effective IG Strategy

asset value

Enable Your Data Literacy

Map your community of information users, model your external and internal data sources to generate new business value


Model Your Digital Twin

Model how your business operates today then simulate change only implementing what delivers new value

A LINQ icon for valuing information - a piece of data with a description and a financial value

Value your Information Assets

Qualify the value of your information assets by modelling how information flows through your business to enable your business outcomes