Our Featured Case Study


 Rackspace used LINQ to develop metrics about the human cost of migrating to the cloud.

How LINQ Works


Model your Digital Representation

Visualise how your business works today; the relationships between People, Processes, Technology & Information by creating the Digital Twin of your organisation

Model your Digital Twin
Gain Knowledge Through Insights

Gain knowledge through Insights

Understand business value & cost of production through “Instant Insights” and identify opportunities to transform your business


Simulate change, implement successful transformations

Simulate change to establish new and increased business value. Implement transformation against an agreed set of measures

Simulate Change

Why Think LINQ?


Deliver Effective Business Cases

Build successful business cases 10 times faster than before


Accelerate your Information Governance

Discover the knowledge you need to build an effective IG Strategy

asset value

Enable Your Data Literacy

Map your community of information users, model your external and internal data sources to generate new business value


Model Your Digital Twin

Model how your business operates today then simulate change only implementing what delivers new value