LINQ delivers the data you need to have confidence that your digital transformation
will be successful. Whether you are a BA creating the business case or a leader needing
the confidence to make a decision, LINQ will ensure you can see the value your change will create!



Any change you make to your business should create value; customer value, employee value, shareholder value. LINQ has value built into it so you can see where and how it is created and how you can maximise it.



Whether you call it continuous improvement, process excellence or change management, transformation is successful when people are engaged and understand how they can contribute. LINQ delivers a narrative that everyone can understand.

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Decision Intelligence

Decision paralysis prevents organisations from being as nimble as they need to be. Helping business leaders understand the impact of change so they can make good decisions as fast as possible is what LINQ does. With ‘Instant Insights’ LINQ helps leaders move quickly to deliver great outcomes.


Digital Twin of the Organisation

The Digital Twin of the Organisation creates models which represent how your business operates. With this new visualisation you can see the impact that change will have before you head to implementation, all in the safety of a model.

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How LINQ works…


Model your 'Current State' twin

Visualise how your business operates today; the relationships between people, the work that goes on, the systems you use and the information you rely on. Identify the purpose of your data and information and why people do the work they do. See how you create business outcomes and identify the opportunity for improvements which impact customers, employees, stakeholders and shareholders.

A GIF showing the ease and speed of LINQ to capture the Digital Twin of a process within an organisation
A GIF showing a user running through LINQs Insights - sketch summary, system summary and cost allocation

Gain knowledge through Insights

Understand business value and cost of production through ‘Instant Insights’ and identify opportunities to transform your business. Learn where your pain points are, explore the potential impact of change and communicate with the right people using evidence.


Simulate change, implement successful transformations

Model your ‘Future State’ twin – how you will operate once you have addressed the waste in your business. Simulate change to establish new and increased business value. Share the evidence with decision makers focusing on value and return on investment. Measure your success!

A GIF showing LINQ Insights from a current and future state side by side so that the potential outcome from change can be understood

Why Think LINQ?

Discovery - target your change

Discovery for Digital Transformation

Get your team in a room, capture the data you need to inform the value your transformation will deliver, share your insights and act!

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Manage your Change Risk

“Change is risky…” Really? Unquantified change is risky. LINQ helps you quantify the risk and manage it to deliver successful change.

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Undertake successful process optimisation

Know that you are going to deliver value with evidence and confidence, before you commit to taking any action

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Enable your Information Governance

Discover how LINQ helps you to build an effective IG Strategy


Deliver Effective Business Cases

Build successful business cases 10 times faster than before


Model Your Digital Twin

Model how your business operates today then simulate change only implementing what delivers new value