Welcome to the Business Case Revolution!

“Change is the only constant in life” – Heraclitus

Writing an effective business case takes time and money … a lot of time and a lot of money … up to $200,000 and 900 hours!

LINQ can help to reduce that to $30,000 and also increase the likely success of your project, getting it to your decision maker in a quarter of the time.

Reduce your time to decision with LINQ.

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Capture Digital Content in Real Time

Using LINQ, your team will capture content for your business case in real-time. As your Executives and Subject Matter Experts articulate the opportunity, content is created in LINQ immediately capturing the evidence your business case needs.

No more PostIt Notes, Whiteboard photos, or painful reviews as content is created after the fact.

Understand the Value of Change

LINQs unique approach considers business value from the very beginning. This new view of your organisation enables prioritisation of change to be considered before many business cases are written.

Business Value is the key to future organisational success; now you can immediately see where change will add to, or detract from creating new value.

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Measure Your Success

Measure Your Success

By following the LINQ process, you will always be able to measure your success. By knowing where you are changing from, you can immediately assess the impact of your real-world change against the model created for the business case.

Now you know how to evolve your change to maximise your success – and you know how to avoid making the same mistakes next time!

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