Model Your Digital Twin

Build Your Digital Twin

Digital representations of physical objects have been used in the Space and Engineering industries for more than a decade. Being able to control space vehicles remotely and understand how they were impacted by their environment was critical to the success of NASAs space programme.

Taking a similar approach in your business can help in ensuring your change and transformation programmes are successful. Modelling the digital twin of aspects of how you operate is the new way to ensure future business success.

build your digital twin
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Build the Twin of how you Operate Today

LINQs super-fast modelling environment can be used in real-time as you discuss how your business operates today. Building the model of how your people, processes, technology and information work together to create business value is simple.

The ‘Instant Insights’ created from the model help you to understand where your opportunities for change lie. The LINQ value and cost models, quickly show you where to focus your energy, ensuring that increasing business value is the common objective.

Simulate Change to Discover Impact

Now you know where to focus your effort, you can simulate change in the safety of the digital environment. Learn the impact of changing technology or processes or how people work – or a combination of them all.

LINQs insights will immediately help you understand the impact of your change. Create a series of models to ensure you get maximum value and to identify the scope of change.

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Implement Change that Works

Now your model has proven the change which delivers the most impact, you can implement this in the real-world with a new sense of assurance. As you undertake your implementation, you can measure your success against your model.

You gain new knowledge about what does and does not work, challenging and modifying your assumptions and keeping everyone informed and engaged. Your new model becomes the iteration of your Digital Twin and you’re ready to start your next change,.

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