How it Works


Identify a business issue

Struggling to gather the evidence needed to make the smartest decisions for your business?


Input your data

Model your processes by visualising the flow of information throughout your business.


Remove waste and streamline processes

Clearly align the cost and value with your strategy and move forward with confidence.

Stylised LINQ screenshots showing 4 elements of LINQ Insights
Stylised LINQ screenshots showing 4 elements of LINQ Insights


Pivot your business view to focus on the people in your organisation.


Get a detailed list of a person’s training requirements or resilience.


Discover where your people are adding the most value to your business.

Benefits of using LINQ

asset value

Quantify the value of your information

Modeling your information flow helps to illuminate what’s most valuable to your business.


Eliminate information waste

Lower costs and increase efficiency by removing low value information


Improve Operational Effectiveness

Identify opportunities to recondition less effective manual processes, into more streamlined automated actions.


Optimise Resources

Invest your resources in areas that will deliver the most successful outcomes and best ROI.


Drive effective communication

Ensure your entire organisation talks about information in the same, understandable way.