How to interpret your results

Survey scores for information literacy - conversational, literate, competent, fluent and multilingual


– A basic understanding of the concepts of literacy exist but are not shared commonly.

– Effort is needed to take the first step and this is likely to include addressing the cultural change needed to consider information as an asset.


– General capabilities exist within your business; pockets of literacy within domains.

– Enabling cross-organisational understanding and developing use cases is critical.


– Sustained competency in designing, developing and applying information and analytics programs to develop business value.

– Developing governance and enabling ownership of an information vocabulary is a priority.


– A high level of fluency across all elements of the information language exists across most of the business. Information literacy is a differentiating capability.

– Making the capability pervasive and extending competency as a core capability is the next step.


– Your information literacy maturity is a transformation capability and fluency is organic to the culture of your organisation.

– Applying principals will generate new revenue streams and will deliver on-going success in response to the digital economy.

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