LINQ for GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation)

LINQ for GDPR is a SaaS platform that maps the flow of information in your organisation. Our system connects you to the information powering your business, so you can make decisions on the best areas to invest your resources.


The New EU General Data Protection Regulation

On the 25th May 2018, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) comes into force. The legislation effects all organisations processing personal data or offering goods and services to people within the EU.

Cases of non-compliance will be treated with significant financial penalties; 20 million Euros or 4% of worldwide annual turnover, whichever number is higher.

One critical requirement is the creation of an information flow, clearly detailing;


Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

If it identifies an individual.

Sensitive PII

If it reveals sensitive information about an individual.

Storage Location

Where personal information is held (which of my systems are subject to GDPR).

Collection, Usage and Disposal

Identify collection (who or what collected it), usage (for what purpose) and disposal (what is its lifetime).

Trust Boundaries

When and to whom is data transferred out of my organisation.

That’s Where LINQ Comes in

LINQ can be applied to the GDPR challenge immediately. Our system enables you to model data and information flow by capturing the relationships between actions, information, systems, and people. Through pivots and dashboards, you’ll have clear access to insights about how your business information flows.

LINQ can help your business comply with the GDPR requirements for information flow by:


Risk Management

Enabling your information risk management strategy.

Level of Compliance

Providing certainty of your level of compliance throughout your entire business.

Faster Capture Time

Reducing your information flow capture time by 60%

Quickly Answer Data Questions

Increasing the speed of answering your personal data questions by 70%

Lower Non-Compliance

Reducing your risk of failing to comply with GDPR requirements.

Higher Time Value

Increasing the value of your time spent capturing information flow.

LINQ in Action

Your subscription to LINQ gives you access to our platform which fast-tracks your information flow modelling and presents clear and accessible insights. Using our intuitive tool ensures that you can keep your GDPR models up to date as your business changes.

Our dashboards can help you visualise who and what is involved with the information that you need to protect the most, allowing you to ensure your GDPR compliance.

Take a look at our GDPR example in LINQ using our Viewer here.

GDPR is not a one-time exercise!

As your business transforms, so do your data and information flows and needs. LINQs intuitive tool ensures that you can keep your GDPR models up to date as your business changes; LINQ is your Transformation System of Record.

Don’t waste your time using static tools which won’t meet your information flow modelling requirements, use LINQ, a tool specifically designed to deliver value to your business, and reduce your risk in responding to the regulation.

Create your no obligation LINQ account today and we will be in touch with you to get you started on meeting your GDPR data flow modelling requirements.