LINQ highlights

Your business, seen from a new perspective

Understand how information supports business outcomes; what’s really valuable and what’s not. Simple visuals give you the big picture.

Clearly identify the improvements that will make your organisation more successful, and monitor them as they unfold.

LINQ focuses on information. It removes the complexity of talking about change and systems. Now you can have a conversation that everyone understands.

What is really important? LINQ’s valuing system tells you how important a piece of information is, it knows how and where it is re-used in your business.

Make faster decisions, and have the facts to back them up

Collect the facts much faster than before. Present your proposals as a visual business case.

Let people see the before and after, with changes to costs, value, and flow. Everyone will understand the case for change.

See all the angles before you jump

Discover the people, systems, and information affected by a change before you make it.

Know who will be involved before and after – now you know who to talk to.

Know what information is currently being produced – now you can maintain business continuity and make sure that someone follows up on that system you didn’t know about.

How much does managing that information cost? Just click on an activity, or part of the supply chain to see.