LINQ helps business leaders and their advisors who are loosing sleep over the stress of authorising change they don’t understand, gain the knowledge needed to make evidence-based decisions faster than ever before and save millions of dollars and thousands of hours of effort.


Invest thousands before committing millions!

In one day of input, we were able to move into the preliminary dashboards and start having meaningful analytic conversations

LINQ empowers users to articulate and quantify issues in a comprehensive and compelling way that adds a sense of urgency – even excitement – and moves the business past observations into corrective action

We now have a business case for change! We know where to find valuable quick hits and how to make a quantifiable business case for bigger changes like automation

Benefits of Using LINQ


Eliminating operational waste

LINQ models your current state 10x faster than any other tool. Seeing how you operate today allows you to identify waste. By condensing processes and steps, you’ll save time and money, and enhance your customer service offering.

Lowering operational costs

When cost and value are connected, your areas of spend will be justified as logical investments. Engaging with LINQ highlights opportunities for automation and simplification and helps you share with others the impact change will have in time and money.

Improved prioritisation

Recognise the order in which to approach business challenges, and ensure each process serves your strategic goals. Only say “yes” to implementation when you have all of the knowledge you need to make the right decision.

Aligning people with outcomes

Build your own culture of collaboration. Share your clear, evidence-based objectives across the business so everyone is on the same page and speaking a common language.

Valuing information

Understand the value of the information your organisation relies on to deliver the outcomes that matter. Learn how your people and systems interact with information to ensure you meet your aims and objectives as a business.

Asset Ownership

LINQ gives you assurance that your intellectual property will be retained after staff move on. It also records changes to processes – so you can look back and monitor your ongoing improvements.

Case Study – DocuVault

DocuVault lost 75% of their workforce due to COVID-19 restrictions. Learn how LINQ was used to identify areas of improvement resulting in $140,000 of annual savings and 8,000 hours able to be re-invested back into the business.

DocuVault logo

The LINQ Partner network has kindly provided hours of free consultancy to help your organisation identify opportunities to change the way they are working having survived COVID-19. Along with free access to the LINQ Platform, we are looking to allocate work to organisations who are looking for help.

Please complete the form below to apply for consideration. Entries will close on the 30th June and we will be in touch with you shortly afterwards with the results of the competition.

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