Rau Paenga – Empowering Digital Transformation

Empowering Digital Transformation


The Customer

Rau Paenga Limited, a pivotal entity formed in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes, has been instrumental in driving significant post-earthquake regeneration projects across Christchurch. Initially established under the name Ōtākaro Limited, the organisation was repurposed as the Crown’s national infrastructure delivery agency as the initial recovery phase wound down. This transition necessitated a robust evaluation and restructuring of internal processes to enhance efficiency and adapt to new governmental directions.

Jeremy Hoani, Head of IT says: “As Rau Paenga evolved from its initial mandate, we recognised the urgent need to redefine our internal processes to align with our expanded goals. LINQ was instrumental in helping us visualise and manage this transition quickly and effectively.”

Complex Challenges

As Rau Paenga matured, the complexity of its operations increased, revealing a low level of automation in our structured information flows and an outdated information architecture. This gap slowed decision-making and resource allocation, compelling the leadership team to seek solutions that could streamline processes and improve data governance to scale the business.

” As the company grew, we were facing significant challenges in managing information flows within our complex projects. It became clear that without a thorough understanding and reorganisation of our data processes, we couldn’t meet our operational efficiency goals.”

Ken Forrest
Director Corporate Services

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“LINQ wasn’t just a tool for us; it was a revelation. With it, Justin could map out our entire process landscape, making it visible and manageable in ways we hadn’t imagined possible before and at a super-speedy pace.”

Jeremy Hoani
Head of IT

LINQing all the parts together

Justin Fail, Geodata Consultant with Geovolve was recommended to Rau Paenga and, in turn, Justin recommended using LINQ – an innovative tool that creates a digital twin of the organisation to address their challenges. LINQ would be able to quickly and meticulously analyse and visualise the organisation’s existing workflows and information systems. Justin’s approach involved extensive interviews with 95% of the Rau Paenga team, which allowed him to model an accurate depiction of the current state and immediately identify inefficiencies.

This was the prime deliverable, which enabled Ken and Jeremy to identify where the high-cost processes and high value information was.  It also identified the amount of handover between departments and where there were several iterations of information and processes.

The current state model allowed the team to think and plan what areas to manage next, what products to procure and where the opportunities for synergy sat, such as creating a data governance framework..  They had a pathway and could make decisions based on real time data.

“The insights provided by LINQ were transformative. We could see exactly where our bottlenecks lay, and which processes were draining our resources without adding value. This clarity was crucial for our reengineering efforts. We had a big program of work, so the faster we could get to the next stage was better for the business,” says Ken.

Realising the Benefits

LINQ’s deployment at Rau Paenga led to several transformative outcomes:

Enhanced Visibility: LINQ enabled the visualisation of the entire information ecosystem, highlighting critical handoffs and iterative processes that were previously obscured.

Cost Efficiency: By assigning nominal values to various processes, LINQ helped pinpoint high-cost, low-value activities, guiding strategic reallocation of resources.

Strategic Reengineering: The insights facilitated a targeted approach to process reengineering, focusing on eliminating redundancies and automating manual tasks.

Data-Driven Decision Making: The clarity provided by the digital mapping allowed Rau Paenga to make informed decisions regarding the procurement of new tools and systems, significantly impacting their digital transformation strategy.


Ken states: “For me it was certainly seeing high value information streams, the handoffs between departments and identifying the many manual processes we had – that was real gold.  We were able to quickly see the opportunities for automation and how to connect and integrate disparate platforms.”

Moving Forward

“The architecture was to be handed over to internal resource to maintain and develop out further as we continue on with our program.  LINQ is straightforward to use and be understood and that was a useful factor for us to keep using it.  Justin was fantastic to work with and Neil, CEO with LINQ made it all happen – an amazing solution and service,” says Jeremy


The strategic implementation of LINQ at Rau Paenga not only streamlined complex processes but also laid a strong foundation for continuous improvement and innovation. The tool’s ability to quickly adapt and provide actionable insights has made it an indispensable part of ongoing efforts to maintain agility and excellence in a dynamic environment at Rau Paenga.