Scaling at the Speed of Now


The Customer

Wow! is one of the US leading broadband providers. With an expansive portfolio of advanced services including high-speed Internet, data, voice, cloud and cable, the company is dedicated to delighting customers with friendly, quality service at affordable prices.

The Challenge

Wow!’s Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business is booming and they must efficiently scale to meet the demand. The business knew about inefficiencies in the product delivery process, but had difficulty measuring the impacts. They needed to analyse the product deployment lifecycle to identify opportunities for improvement and justify related remediation costs.

The Solution

Using LINQ, Wow! created a Digital Twin of the Hosted VoIP sales and deployment process. LINQ’s dashboards helped the team easily identify inefficiencies and quantify their impact. Issues like incomplete orders, manual swivel-chair data entry, and multiple customer touch-point revealed the true operating cost of delivering the Hosted VoIP solution.

The Benefits

The transformation team built a Future State model of the Hosted VoIP solution, identifying process changes and technology solutions that will realise an estimated annual cost savings of more than $1.1M. Wow! is now using LINQ to analyse other Enterprise processes including the delivery of residential internet services.

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 We now have a clear business case for change! We found valuable quick hits and how to make a quantifiable business case for bigger changes like automation.

Director of Serviceability

Photo illustration of internet traffic, computer data going through a control gate.

The Wow! Story

Wow! is focused on delivering a total customer experience; from first contact, to delivering the correct service and product in the shortest possible time. To achieve this, they are embarking on a corporate strategy to remove inefficiencies and significantly improve customer service and time to market. “Ultimately, we want to transform the business into a market leader from the inside out.”, said Director of Serviceability. How do you transform your business into a market leader? They are doing it one process at a time, starting with an evaluation of how their growth-leading product offerings are sold, deployed and supported.

Two strategic products, commercial Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and residential High-Speed data offerings, are routed through most departments. The business recognised that the current processes are complicated, manual and take too long from the time of customer request to order fulfilment. The sales and sales support teams are spending too much time determining if a prospective customer is serviceable.

Working with certified LINQ partner MagikMinds, Wow! engaged in a 3-month Proof of Value project to analyse the Hosted VoIP process from lead generation through service delivery and support activities.

“In one day of data input, we were able to move into the preliminary dashboards and start having meaningful analytic conversations”, said their Director.

After creating a Digital Twin of the process in LINQ, business subject matter experts used the powerful dashboard capabilities within LINQ to identify areas for improvement. This analysis proved to stakeholders that the current way of doing business presented many challenges, including:

  • Too many touchpoints with the customer during sales and install process.
  • The current process for confirming serviceability is expensive, manual, and not scalable.
  • There are several opportunities to automate key processes that will significantly improve time to market.

LINQ was then used to simulate the desired future state, including automation and other improvements to the lead generation and delivery processes targeted to deliver annual operational cost savings of more than $1.1M.

“FINALLY! We have yearned for concrete insights into our business operations for years. We have talked about “transformation” but it remained very conceptual. LINQ ideally will become a first stop to developing our annual project road maps across the company”, added the Director

Building on the successful evaluation of the VOIP process, Wow! is now modelling the sales and delivery processes for all product offerings, with the goal of driving non-emotional, factual and informed business decisions which will allow them to manage its on-going transformation in a competitive marketplace.