Process Optimisation with LINQ

Various icons on a transparent background denoting leaders of change

Am I making the right change?
Will I achieve the expected benefit from this spend?
Will the anticipated benefits for the company be realised and the staff see the value?

These are some of the process optimisation fears clients share with us. Using LINQ’s insights, you have evidence-based understand of the impact of the  change you are proposing before you commit to the process.

Through LINQ’s dashboards you can engage management and staff in the process improvement journey, by providing the business case to support your planned optimisation.

What would change be like in your organisation if every single person who was affected by change contributed to the process by enabling cross-organisation communication and support for your change?

Take the headache out of leading change through your organisation

We know that change is seen as a threat, often painful, expensive and riddled with mistakes – but it there is another way.

LINQ’s revolutionary rapid modelling tool creates insights and dashboards that make it simpler than ever to lead your organisation through successful change.

Many LINQ screenshots from LINQ Insights in one slide showing the power of automatically creating content as a result of creating the Digital Twin in LINQ
A stylised image showing how actions nodes are connected to information nodes in the capture of an organisations digital clone

Speed to Action. Option evaluation. Team engagement. That’s what you get with LINQ as the linchpin of your change process.

LINQ provides direct value to you through astonishing modelling speed for instant insights, through

  • Powerful and precise visualisations,  
  • Your team becoming aligned with a deep understanding of the implications of change.

LINQ is the insurance – your change projects will be successful!

The best way for large organisations to maximise benefits from change

LINQ makes change simple and effective with comprehensive options analysis from rapidly gained insights that are supported by the whole team.

By comparing current state to any number of future states, LINQ allows you to run scenarios of change before you commit to implementation.

A closeup of a laptop with LINQ people dashboard on the screen
Map showing process mapping software compared to LINQ

Finally, the solution to timely analysis of change that you’ve been waiting for

Unlike Visio and other process mapping tools, LINQ has dynamic process creation, meaning you are able to generate insights while you workshop. Not only do you get insights with breathtaking speed, you take everyone of the change journey with you.

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