LINQ Whitepapers and Manifestos

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LINQ Summary

The LINQ Summary gives a two page overview of how LINQ can transform your organisation.

Mastering Information Flow to Transform your Business

“Change is neither an option nor easy. An organisation that attempts to ignore change is doomed to fail; an organisation that tackles change without the right approach risks failure. That’s a tough choice…”

LINQ People Insights

The People Dashboard is LINQ’s first step towards providing a rich range of people insights

LINQ Enabling Data Literacy

Data Literacy is the new core competence of the digital business; LINQ enables Infonomics by helping to create the vocabulary you need to ensure data and information features as part of your change conversation.

A LINQ Manifesto; Welcome to the Business Case Revolution

The way business cases are created remains in the dark ages. There is a better way! This paper introduces a new way, a better way to ensure that business cases lead to success implementation of change which produces positive results for the business.

6 Steps to Digital Transformation Success

Business transformation projects can be extremely challenging. The unfortunate reality is 70% of change projects continue to fail to deliver their intended value. Lack of alignment of actions with business strategy, an absence of data-led decision-making and failure to account for the human element of the change are some of the causes. How can you overcome the hurdles to business transformation success? This paper looks at how Digital Twin of the Organisation can provide a framework helping you to achieve the outcomes you want affordably and expeditiously.
A line drawing denoting the benefits of using LINQ - financial, time, risk, awareness, communcation, availability