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Organisation Library

In this release we have created an area for sketches have been categorised as Authoritative by the LINQ admins and that are able to be used by all LINQ users in your account. This will enable users to have a common view of underlying content and will enable a level of consistency between LINQ editors […]

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Sketch Metadata

The main change in this release, and a fundamental building block for further enterprise enhancements, is Sketch Metadata and Categorisation. This will make it easier to work with multiple LINQ sketches, and help users communicate the purpose and intent of their work in LINQ. Sketch metadata will be editable via a new popup dialog from […]

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New Explorer

We’ve redesigned the Explorer window to make it easier to navigate and to take advantage of the new Sketch Metadata functionality We now have the ability to show a subset of sketches by selecting a tab on the left of the screen. These include: Gallery – where you can select from a predefined set of […]

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Impact Assessment Insight

Welcome to the Impact Assessment Insight. The new Impact Assessment Insight allows you to look into the future! You can measure the impact of change by selecting the affected parts of your current business in new ways. Based on a manual selection on the canvas itself. Nodes(s) or entire LINQsets, it’s up to you. Output […]

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Compare Beta Insight

We’ve released our very first Beta Insight! The Compare Insight allows you to compare two sketches and have the platform do all the hard work of working out what’s different and the benefits that change can bring to your organisation. For more details read this blog post.

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