Author: Neil Calvert

Co-founder & CEO

LINQ Partner Day a huge success

Having just held our latest LINQ Partner day, we are so grateful to have a growing team around LINQ delivering amazing outcomes to clients in New Zealand, Australia and the US. Thanks to Scott Kennedy Mark Simon Vicki Taylor Simon Lloyd-Evans Daniel Gray Justin Fail and Greg Rozen for spending the day with us. Also superb to have Geoff Bush down from Tauranga to share […]

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Additional organisation palette import

We’re already doing the work to extend how you can create your organisation palette. On the first release you can import from CSV and create from scratch – but this new development will let you import nodes from sketches you have already created. As well as importing, the new capability will help you discover duplicate […]

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Organisation Insights

Now that we have delivered the Organisation Palette and the Organisation Library, we are working on delivering organisation level insights across the sketches you mark as authoritative. Insights will be delivered into a similar framework to the sketch level insights and will provide you with knowledge about how the system, person, or information asset is […]

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End of year tidy up

We’ve tidied up a few things that have been on our to do list for a while! Explorer Searches are now remembered between the new Explorer and the Canvas. If you search for something and then view that sketch, when you come back to Explorer, that search will remain available to you. If you set […]

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Organisation Palette

The Organisation Palette is the new container for nodes which represent organisation assets which have been defined by the business. These organisation nodes may contain specific properties which accelerate their use within Sketches. LINQ now supports the creation of the organisation palette, the customisation of nodes within the organisation palette and the update of organisation […]

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