Author: Neil Calvert

Co-founder & CEO

Data Literacy is the new core competence of digital business

Digital society expects its citizens to “speak data”; to have data literacy. Unless data and analytics leaders treat information as the new second language of business, government and communities, they will not be able to deliver the competitive advantage and agility demanded by their enterprises – Valerie Logan, Gartner Research Director Do you know what […]

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Where are your Data Engineers?

Are you one of the minorty organisations who has access to a Data Engineer? No longer constrained to the Big Data organisations, this key role is critical in moving organisations through the digital divide into the digital economy. 47% of data and analytics leaders have identified difficulty in deploying their experimentation data pipelines and workloads […]

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A drive towards Data Literacy

Data Literacy…a term that is growing in acceptance through the data & information community and also becoming accepted as a core competency in the arena of enabling Digital Transformation. Don’t take my word for it! From Pranshant Pansare on LinkedIn – Make Data Literacy a Top Priority of Your Organization to Stay Alive From Gartner’s Valerie Logan – Fostering Data Literacy […]

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Is complexity killing your business?

The way your organisation goes about work – with complexity or with simplicity – is critical to its success. When the work becomes so intricate, this complexity can kill an organisation’s ability to create value. An organisations success is to create a product of value at the lowest possible cost – one way of doing […]

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Applied Infonomics Webinar Recording

Last week, we ran our first ever webinar on Applied Infonomics! We’ve tried before and failed to get anyone to register, so this time, having 26 people sign-up was a huge step forward for us. Thanks to all those who attended. The topic discussed the Weaponisation of Data, and the Monetisation of Information. We covered […]

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Sketch Sorting

It’s easy to lose track of which sketches have been shared with you and which ones you have shared with others, so the Explorer View and Panel now has a “Published By Me” filter, so you can quickly understand which content you have provided with others.

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Warnings Panel

We all need a little help from time to time, ensuring that our data capture is correct, so that we can gain the insights we need from our work. The new LINQ Warnings Panel will help you see where you have missed vital data capture so that you can gain the maximum knowledge from your […]

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