Category: Digital Disruption

The Role of the Digital Twin of the Organisation in Successful Digital Transformations

We all know how fast the business landscape changes and one area is accelerating that change and bringing huge benefits to businesses. What is it? It’s the Digital Twin of the Organisation (DTO) and it’s revolutionising how companies approach digital transformation. Understanding the Digital Twin of the Organisation Traditionally associated with physical objects in industries […]

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An introduction to Digital Twin of the Organisation Technology: What is it, how it can be used and why does it matter?

Digital Twin Technology and Digital Twin of the Organisation (DTO) – words that are becoming more commonplace business terminology, but what exactly is it?  Simply put, it’s a virtual representation (think mirror image), of a system, process, physical thing or object, which uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help a business see the value […]

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LINQ Partner Day a huge success

Having just held our latest LINQ Partner day, we are so grateful to have a growing team around LINQ delivering amazing outcomes to clients in New Zealand, Australia and the US. Thanks to Scott Kennedy Mark Simon Vicki Taylor Simon Lloyd-Evans Daniel Gray Justin Fail and Greg Rozen for spending the day with us. Also superb to have Geoff Bush down from Tauranga to share […]

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