Category: 10 October 2017

Clear Action Frequencies and Durations

Once you had added frequency and duration to an Action node, we gave you no way of clearing that data, so we’ve added a “reset” to the action node’s frequency and duration with the addition of the ‘Clear’ button to the action duration calculator. This simplifies refactoring of existing information supply chains. You can now […]

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Select All Nodes

If you have ever had trouble keeping track of nodes when following an upstream or downstream information flow – then do we have a new feature for you! In the navigator panel we have added a new “Select All” button that selects just the nodes visible in the navigator view. For example, in Downstream mode, […]

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New Excel Export

A new export option has been added to the canvas – “Full Export”. With this export, more advanced reporting from LINQ can be achieved with products such as Microsoft BI. The “Full Export” option produces an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) that contains unique identifiers for each node, edge and LINQset, along with: node-to-edge relationships, node-to-LINQset relationships, […]

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