Category: 11 January 2017

Custom Node Properties

Against any node type, you can now create your own properties to document more knowledge about your information flow. These can either be text or numeric and can be associated with any of the node types. You might want to record Risk against Information, or Team against People. Now you can. Custom Properties travel with […]

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Multi-node Property Editing

When you select several nodes in your sketch, either on the canvas, or via the Find Panel, you will be able to update properties for those selected nodes in one go. Even if you select nodes of different types, common properties across your selection can be edited at once. This is really useful for correcting spellings, […]

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Enter any action time & duration

We’ve removed the 24 hour validation on the Action Calculator. You can now take a more transactional approach to describing the actions that take place in your business. Perhaps you know that your team performs 5000 transactions per day. Previously you would have had to reconcile that down to what one person in the team […]

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