Category: 17 February 2016

See the Value of External Information Suppliers

LINQ now shows you the value of the information you source or consume from external organisations. This allows you to determine the value the external organisations represents to your internal information supply chains. This can provide insight into the importance of these organisations to your business outcomes and help you asses and mitigate the risk to your […]

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Improved Supply Chain Information Reuse

The best Information Supply Chains produce useful, reusable, information all along the chain. LINQ now supports intermediate information outputs in a chain; typically derived information which connect directly to other business outcomes, and lets you value them independently to the top level information outputs supporting business outcomes.

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Fast Node Connections

Connecting nodes is now really fast! Drag a node onto the canvas, and then immediately click and drag on a node to connect it to another node – you don’t have to click it to select it first. If you are wondering how to move a node, select it, hold down CTRL and drag it.

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