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LINQ allows you to SEE your organisation in a new way. LINQs language lets you capture a view of your business that you’ve never had before; a cross-organisational perspective of your information and how it supports what you do.

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Through the capture of your Information Supply Chains you can SOLVE your business transformation challenge; quickly understand your starting point, provide information to decision makers they really understand and prioritise your investment.

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Finally you can take the entire organisation on the journey with you as you SHARE the outcomes that will be delivered.

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Do you know how your business truly works?

Can you access an authoritative view of your current state?

Do you have your Information Assets documented?

Can you see the opportunity to improve in an evidence-based way?

LINQ provides a new way to SEE your business. By modelling your Information Supply Chains, you connect information to business outcomes. The value of your information asset becomes immediately visible allowing you to see how your organisation works, how your outcomes are supported, and who and what supports them.

Your People and Systems; the enablers of information flow, the actions they perform, the information they require and the assets they produce, become apparent in a way that everyone can understand. As you de-mystify what you do and how you do it, you enable everyone to SEE the opportunity for change.

All tiers of the organisation can finally agree and understand how things are done. The intuitive LINQ visualisation delivers new insight enabling the conversation to be held from a new, joint perspective of understanding.

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Do you know where the most important part of your organisation is?

Who are your most important People?

What are your most important Systems?

Are you as efficient and effective as possible or is there wastage in the way you work?

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When you truly understand how your business operates you can find opportunities to transform the way you work.

By focusing on business value, you are able to prioritise where you look first, focusing on the areas which are responsible for delivering your strategic outcomes and SOLVE your business challenges.

Prioritisation allows for iterative change; transformation projects become manageable, delivering quantified benefit. The opportunity to take advantage of technical innovation is easily identified and the total cost of ownership and return on investment accurately understood. Decisions are based on evidence and decision makers understand the impact of change at an organisational level.

The efforts of your People will be better aligned to meet your business outcomes. No longer will work be done that contributes little or nothing to the success of your business. Your view of your Systems will also align to supporting your outcomes. You will know why you have a System and what it does for you.

Solving these issues ensures that the investment you make in all aspects of your business is targeted to success. Solving these issues ensures the investments you make will deliver a justifiable return and allows you to see the opportunity for creativity and innovation to add value to your customers.

As you take advantage of the opportunities you identify, you document these changes, providing a new and consistent view of your new current state.

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How do you communicate the need for change and ensure everyone understands the journey?

How do you create the culture which accelerates creativity and innovation?

How do you prevent different points of view from damaging your future?

How do you ensure your business is responding appropriately to the change in your consumer expectations through digitalisation?

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SHARING the story of why transformation is happening and describing who and what is affected by the change allows everyone to understand the new approach. People are informed, rumour is quashed and culture adapts to support delivery.

As your People’s time is unlocked from manual, repetitive tasks, it can be spent sharing new ideas for innovation. This release of creativity based on a common understanding in turn delivers more value into the business.