Category: 26 January 2017

Copy & Paste across Sketches

It’s now super fast to make use of content you’ve already captured.  You can select your existing content from one Sketch and paste that into an existing sketch you own, have had shared with you (as an editor) or create the start of a new sketch using that content. All your valuable information, including custom properties […]

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Supercharged URLs

We’ve updated our URL property so you can now connect to any type of content that you already have in your business from the LINQ nodes. You may want to record a web address using a URL, a document stored in your Document Management System using an Intranet link or to a file on your own […]

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Recording Organisational Cost

That organisation which supplies content to you has a cost to your business. That could be the cost of the information provision or the SLA that you have with them. You can now record the cost against the Organisation node. Simply enter the cost in the Cost field and this property will be available in […]

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