Welcome to the Compare Insight beta release

Welcome to LINQs first ever beta programme!

We made the decision to release our new Compare Insight into beta following the positive reaction we had from the organisations we created the proof of concept for.

A screenshot from LINQ showing the Compare screen with data presented about the 2 sketches under comparison

Compare allows you to understand the difference between 2 sketches. You will have likely captured your current state – how you are operating today, and from the knowledge gained from that process, you will have modelled a future state – how you would like your organisation to operate – which removes any of the value-related challenges you have found.

Compare provides a simple way to understand the outcome of your future state. LINQ automatically shows you what has changed and provides you with the figures in terms of cost and time.

Neil, our CEO, discusses the Compare Insight Beta in this video:

We are working hard to release the final version of Compare. There is plenty of time for you to contribute your own thoughts, so please use the contact form provided in the application to do that. We’re serious about getting your feedback, so please don’t hold back in providing your ideas and thoughts.

If you’re new to LINQ, we suggest you head to YouTube to watch our intro video, then sign up for a Trial account and arrange to have conversation with us about how to get the most from LINQ to support your change and transformation ambitions.