Insight Panel

The new Insight Panel allows a LINQ Capture Expert or a LINQ User to easily and visually communicate “What if?” scenarios and quickly identify missing node data.

The Insight Panel is accessed by either clicking on or dragging the Insight link on the very right hand side of the screen.

Run ‘What if’? Scenarios

  • Live analysis, right on the canvas. Immediately see the effect on Saving Potential relating to cost and time if certain tasks are not undertaken.

Build and Present Your Business Case

  • Ready-made business case slides for common scenarios
  • Showcase important information flows with supply-chain ‘photos’ and highlighting

Gain Buy-in and Collaborate

  • Share presentations, supply-chains, and evidence based data with decision makers and stakeholders

Ensure data accuracy and completeness

  • Easily identify Action and Data nodes that have missing or incomplete data. Navigate directly to the effected nodes and see the addition of data change outcomes in real-time.

For more details please watch the release video.