Introducing “Coming Soon for LINQ”!

Coming Soon from LINQ is a new section of our website where we will discuss the improvements we’re bringing to LINQ in the near future. We’re on a mission to make LINQ the best it possibly can be and we’re keen to have our community involved along the way. If you have any comments or questions about anything in ‘Coming Soon’ we’d love to hear from you.

The past 18 months have focused on delivering insight from the information you capture in LINQ. Several Insight modules have been added, including the Sketch and System summaries as well as the Impact Assessment tool. We’re now entering into a new phase of LINQ development. The focus is shifting to improving the delivery of a wider view of an organisation’s information flow — particularly scenarios involving multiple LINQ analysts collaborating over multiple LINQ Sketches.

This work will include:

  • Adding more descriptive fields to organise and manage sketches (a.k.a sketch metadata). This will make it easier for users to communicate the purpose and intent of their work in LINQ.
  • Supporting better reuse and consistency between sketches. As teams build sketches there is naturally some divergence in naming strategies and consistency of costs and rates. To combat this we plan to introduce a shared palette providing a standardized catalogue of nodes for use across the organisation.
  • Using the shared palette to deliver insight across multiple sketches in the organisation. Once we’ve enabled consistency across nodes in multiple sketches, the natural next step is to look at it the other way. Starting with a particular System or Person in the shared palette, LINQ will find instances of that node across multiple sketches and present a comprehensive overview.

For more detail about these initiatives, please see the upcoming individual posts in our new ‘coming soon’ category.