End of year tidy up

We’ve tidied up a few things that have been on our to do list for a while!


Searches are now remembered between the new Explorer and the Canvas. If you search for something and then view that sketch, when you come back to Explorer, that search will remain available to you.

If you set up a particular view in Explorer that you tend to work from, My Sketches, sorted by last edited for example, that set-up will be remembered between sessions.

Sketches in Explorer now have a ‘Save a Copy’ option – you no longer have to open the sketch in the canvas to copy a sketch!

Tag Management

The Tag panel had a small glitch when it was used to help updated content in the canvas. It no longer collapses on an edit – so you now have 2 fewer clicks to make when navigating to nodes from your tags

Node Layout

We’ve updated the node layout when you insert nodes into an existing flow and when you copy nodes to create new connections.

The insert node now features a zig zag which helps you to see what you have added, and we’ve corrected some edge lengths when you copy existing nodes in your sketch.

We’re always looking to improve the layout, so please let us know if you have other ideas we can look into.