LINQ Engine Upgrade – V8 Turbo!

This weekend we switched on a major upgrade to LINQ’s engine. Over the course of six weeks we’ve done the software equivalent of:

  • Swapping our 1.6 litre engine with a tuned V8
  • Adding a turbo, and super-charger
  • Squeeze in some electric motors

And then we painted some sweet flames down the side!

So what will you notice?

LINQ loads and saves are faster now, and search is much faster.

But the real change is behind the scenes. We’ve laid down foundations for the new analytics features you’ve heard us talk about, and improved the way we deal with concurrent modifications.

From here on it’s ‘pedal to the metal’ for LINQ. We’re looking forward to delivering new ways for you to see and transform your business.

Warmest Regards,

The LINQ development team.