New Custom Properties!

As we model more and more complex environments the requirement to capture additional details about the individual LINQ nodes has become more valuable.  To answer our customers needs we have moved beyond the ability to create basic text and numerical properties and added logic checking for some of the new fields to ensure data input validation.

We have added or changed the following Custom Properties (The standard Text Custom Property remains unchanged):

Number (now with the ability to allow integers only and also configure and check against a defined range)

Pick Lists 

A Preconfigured Yes/No Pick List

Additional URL Fields (they create hyperlinked icons when entered)

To create a custom property click the cog in the properties panel.

Then select the type of additional field from the drop down list. You will then be able to add a unique name for the property and configure the options specific to that property type.

And finally, select the node types that you want to allocate the property to and click +ADD