New Explorer

We’ve redesigned the Explorer window to make it easier to navigate and to take advantage of the new Sketch Metadata functionality

We now have the ability to show a subset of sketches by selecting a tab on the left of the screen. These include:

  • Gallery – where you can select from a predefined set of curated sketches that can illustrate how LINQ works
  • All Sketches – self-explanatory in that it will show you all the sketches that you have access to
  • My Sketches – sketches you have created
  • Shared – sketches that you have shared
  • Published – sketches that you have published using our publish function
  • Organisation – those sketches that have been set as authoritative content by your administrators
  • Proposed (admins only) – those sketches that have been submitted for approval to become authoritative organisation sketches

There is also the ability to single click on a sketch and see all the enhanced metadata about the sketch.

The search function has also been enhanced to select metadata and tags as well as the sketch name.

The sort function can still sort by A-Z, Z-A and Last Edited