Publishing sketches – Major enhancements!

We have introduced a new Publish Sketch workflow and a slew of new privacy related control options when publishing a sketch.

  • You can now choose to not publish specific data that may be deemed sensitive within your organisation and that you choose to make not visible to those that you are sharing the sketch with. These de-selectable fields include:
    • Value
    • Action duration and frequency
    • Cost related properties
    • Custom Properties
    • Tags and flags
  • Dashboards and Insights can now be individually published.
    • It should be noted the removing some data deemed sensitive will affect the visibility and ability to select of some Insights and Dashboards

    • You can now choose how the sketch is viewed on opening it with the Focus selection option.

    • If an introductory note is included in the dialogue above, a pop-up appears when the sketch is opened.

    • For viewers who are new to LINQ we have added a “Learn More” button which shows links to various introductory and training materials (the following pop-up also appears directly if an introductory note is not included)

    • We have given you more control over the email send when you share your sketch. You can edit the Subject and Body of the email received by the recipient of the published sketch. We can also generate a URL to share in the event that you don’t want to send an email from within the LINQ environment.

    • Note: LINQ publishes exactly what you seen on the screen, rather than the latest saved copy. If you make a change to the layout, flags or insights while in read-only mode and then you publish your sketch, it will publish the sketch with those unsaved changes rather than your last save point.