Using the sketch summary dashboard

From inside a sketch choose the dashboard drop down menu at the top left hand corner, open the sketch summary dashboard from the dashboard dropdown menu at the top left hand corner.

This will give you an overview of the high level data in this sketch. From this sketch we know 37 business outcomes are supported costing half a million dollars to create and taking 9 thousand hours to create. This is done by 10 people creating 139 documents from 110 actions using 24 systems.
There is a small amount of automation that helps these people.

There is many ways to look at this data. Firstly does the organisation have a set of goals and principles that are fit for purpose that have been agreed and validated? Do all of the information assets directly contribute to the agreed and validated goals or is there assets that make no contribution? Once this has been ascertained then the business could add in more automation to reduce the amount of manual repeatable tasks.

If the organisation is currently doing this then their information reuse would be different and we then focus our next round of analysis on this.