X is Y joins the LINQ Consultant Partner Network

Fill The Gap and X is Y sign Partner Agreement to complement the Partner Network in NZ

On the 28th October 2020, Fill The Gap and X is Y signed a Consulting Partner Agreement, allowing X is Y to provide services using the LINQ Digital Twin SaaS platform in New Zealand 

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“We’re very excited to welcome X is Y to the LINQ Consulting Partner community.” says Scott Kennedy, Managing Director of Fill The Gap Limited and Master Reseller of LINQ. “Cyrus and Jared have a wealth of experience dealing with customers at the “top end of town”. I’m sure that being nimble and applying their wealth of experience, when partnered with the powers of LINQ, will be a winning combination for X is Y and their clients.” 

Cyrus Facciano, X is Y Director, commented that  

“We work with many different organisations of varying sizes and across multiple sectors understanding and optimising their processes and how data and analytics can help super charge their goals. We have always favoured interactive and collaborative workshops for discovery of current state and design of future state. Whilst post-its and pictures work OK, it can take a long time to translate the outputs and then analyse them to build the case for change. Plus, with more and more remote working these days, physical workshops aren’t always an option. 

Using LINQ, we can capture a process, the people, systems and information flows for our clients in real-time, in person or remotely and tweak together to get it right. The beautiful thing is that we can then quickly see the costs and risks in a current process and model the projected benefits of the designed future state. So, not only are we able to integrate the change management process, by bringing business users on the journey, we can also help accelerate the business case for change so we can keep moving. It’s a win win!” 

LINQ is a SaaS developed in New Zealand and sold around the world that allows organisations to rapidly build the Digital Twin of the Organisation, and model alternate twins to determine impacts associated with change before any real world changes are made. Changes to Information Assets, Systems, People and Processes can all be visualised through dynamic dashboards along with financials.  

Better business cases are produced, and evidence-based decisions can be made.  

“Having Cyrus and the X is Y team join the LINQ Partner Network in New Zealand creates some incredible opportunity for us both”, said Neil Calvert, LINQ CEO. “X is Y are hugely respected for the managment consulting they offer their clients. The recognition that the discovery phase of any engagement is accelerated by using LINQ is fantastic to hear. Having people of Cyrus’ calibre recognise and utilise LINQ for this purpose is significant for us as we continue to see LINQ expand within New Zealand and overseas.”

Our motto is invest thousands before committing millions

One project with a large utility in the United States identified savings in excess of $5M through reduction of rework, removal of paper as a “system”, and automation of manual tasks. While a recent case study published shows document storage company DocuVault realising a $140,000 annual saving from removal of “waste” in their processes. 

More about Fill The Gap and the LINQ Platform:

Fill The Gap understand that there is no silver bullet for phenomenal success (if that’s what you’re looking for, there’s plenty of advice on Facebook). That’s why they start with talking to you about your business, before suggesting what’s required to get your growth curve trending upwards.

FTG have a team of experienced consultants ready to talk about what’s blocking your growth, and a number of tools and services at our disposal to create an improvement plan specifically tailored for you.

For more information about LINQ go to www.linq.nz
For more information about Fill The Gap got to www.fillthegap.co.nz

More about Cyrus Facciano and X is Y

Cyrus has been working in the ICT and Consulting industry for over 25 years across multiple sectors and geographies with businesses from start-up to large Enterprise. His skill set has always been in the translation of business need into solutions and this has been applied throughout his career.  

Changes to the old ways of doing things and helping his clients identify and achieve their goals is what motivates him along with seeing the team fulfilling their goals and enjoying the journey. 

At X is Y, we consider ourselves Management Consultants for the Digital Age. Which means integrating design, change management and delivery into contemporary ways of working such as Design Thinking and Agile as well as using cutting edge technology to supercharge speed and value.  

We start by understanding the goals of our clients, identifying the path forward and moving quickly to deliver a result; usually this looks like an improvement to process, data quality and/or analytics to bring information to the right people at the right time to move forward with confidence and clarity in the most efficient way possible.  

For more information visit www.xisy.co.nz or book a chat with Cyrus here