Data Literacy is the new core competence of digital business

data literacy

Digital society expects its citizens to “speak data”; to have data literacy. Unless data and analytics leaders treat information as the new second language of business, government and communities, they will not be able to deliver the competitive advantage and agility demanded by their enterprises – Valerie Logan, Gartner Research Director

Do you know what Data Literacy means to your business or how to start your journey to enable this capability within your business culture? Julia Dakova, LINQs PhD student, studying at Victoria University Wellington, has written a White Paper discussing this important topic. Please complete the form below to download your copy.

LINQ has been named as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Information Innovation for 2018. Information Innovation represents capabilities you can access to enable Data Literacy through Information as a Second Language within your business. The LINQ methodology and platform enables you to discover the information assets you have within your business which enable you to deliver business value. You can read more about why Gatner think that LINQ is cool here

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Data Literacy is the new core competence of the digital business; LINQ enables Infonomics by helping to create the vocabulary you need to ensure data and information features as part of your change conversation.