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Data Literacy is the new core competence of digital business

Digital society expects its citizens to “speak data”; to have data literacy. Unless data and analytics leaders treat information as the new second language of business, government and communities, they will not be able to deliver the competitive advantage and agility demanded by their enterprises – Valerie Logan, Gartner Research Director Do you know what […]

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What if you could define and measure Business Transformation?

Why Business Transformation is Difficult What does Business Transformation look like?  Furthermore, what does the journey to a transformed business look like?  How do you measure success; how do you know you ‘got there’? These questions are fundamental yet incredibly challenging to answer in business terms.  As a result, the journey to Business Transformation is […]

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How do you make decisions about Business Transformation?

Any change or business transformation is based on a cascade of decisions from the most strategic level all the way down to the ultra-tactical “what am I working on today”.   When there’s a decision disconnect between strategic vision and tactical activity, it’s little wonder change falters. The more strategic the change aspiration, the more the […]

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What do you do when you realise that the data you rely on is not your own?

So you’re in your business, applying your efficient process which delivers results for your organisation. You create targeted marketing material based on the data you have available to you and this brings people through the door to buy your product. Life is good. Then one day, the marketing still goes out, but the result isn’t […]

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Do you know your place in a future world of Artificial Intelligence?

I was reading Seth Godin’s latest blog post last night, and he made a really interesting comment about the urgency with which we should all reflect on our place in the future world, where Artificial Intelligence has enabled many things that we do today to be automated. If you consider the confluence [ref. Gartner’s Hype Cycle […]

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Your Business when Enterprise IT is done right

When was the last time your business celebrated an enterprise IT success?  I don’t mean the ‘phew, thank goodness that project’s over’ survivor-style beer. I mean real celebration: ‘ wow, this is amazing, our customers are delighted and profitability is soaring’ It could be like this.  If your IT experts and non-technical executives could communicate […]

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