Your Business when Enterprise IT is done right

We’ve developed LINQ to provide a better way of communicating.  Suddenly, IT experts and non-technical executives share a common understanding of how IT is serving the business today and what the IT project is setting out to achieve.  With that common understanding, success is much more likely.  Not just project success (although that’s going to get people excited enough) but business success.  That’s because IT should be about more than just doing the same things faster and better but enabling entirely new ways of doing business.  That’s what digitisation is really about… and effective communication between IT  and the business is the only what it’s going to happen.  That’s what LINQ enables.

LINQ takes you further.  Too much of what we set out to do with enterprise IT is based on Hindsight and Oversight.  LINQ enables Insight and Foresight so that you can envisage what an IT-enabled future might look like:  business transformation.  That ability to explore what could be is an essential precursor for aligning IT with the business…  not just based on lessons from the past, but extrapolating what might be possible in the future.  That’s what your competitors are doing and it’s what your users expect.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could be out ahead of them?

That would be something to celebrate!

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