Student Researcher Position

Join LINQ for the summer as a student researcher and help to create a low carbon future! We have an amazing opportunity for a student to come and join the team for the summer! We have won a Student Experience Grant from Callaghan Innovation so have 400 hours of work to offer the right person. You will be […]

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Applied Infonomics Webinar Recording

Last week, we ran our first ever webinar on Applied Infonomics! We’ve tried before and failed to get anyone to register, so this time, having 26 people sign-up was a huge step forward for us. Thanks to all those who attended. The topic discussed the Weaponisation of Data, and the Monetisation of Information. We covered […]

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What if you could define and measure Business Transformation?

Why Business Transformation is Difficult What does Business Transformation look like?  Furthermore, what does the journey to a transformed business look like?  How do you measure success; how do you know you ‘got there’? These questions are fundamental yet incredibly challenging to answer in business terms.  As a result, the journey to Business Transformation is […]

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Information Waste and Compliance Efficiency

Why does your organisation use Information?  There are two reasons:  supporting your core business and compliance.  How do you differentiate between these different purposes?  How do you measure not just compliance but compliance efficiency? First let’s quickly step back and set the Information Flow context for this discussion.  LINQ is an Information Flow Modelling platform.  […]

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Would eliminating Information Waste change your Business?

What’s Information Waste? How much is Information Waste costing your business?  It might help to first define Information Waste:  Information waste: resources that are being applied to low-value activities These examples will help to illustrate that definition: Information Supply Chains that support no Business Outcome– “we process this information because that’s what we’ve always done” […]

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LINQ – a Transformation System of Record

The Need for a Transformation System of Record What’s your organisation’s Transformation System of Record? I bet you can list your ‘now’ systems (HR, Business Intelligence, Asset Management, Financial etc) and your ‘change’ systems (Project Management, Business Process Modelling, Enterprise Architect, etc).  You also probably have some ideas about the future (Internet of Things, Big […]

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