LINQ has moved!

Two years ago, this very month, our company – which was still called Spatial.IQ – moved out of our offices.  Those offices (our garage) were in the Dominion Observatory at the top of the Cable Car in Wellington.  Today, two years later, we are on the move again.

The last two years, being looked after by Regus have been an exciting time.  When we finally moved-in there was no office space just a massive open working area.  The can do attitude of the Regional manager enabled the creating of an office that has the best view in Wellington (even on a bad day).

The View

The original office was only just big enough for the seven of us and we very quickly punched through that wall and doubled the floor space as the company grew.  Around about this time our friends at Scratch delivered ‘SEE, SOLVE, SHARE’ and we were reborn as LINQ Ltd.

The ups and down of start-up life has seen us all, individually and as a company mature in so many ways – the stories that we read and hear about how challenging start-up life can be are all true!  It is the greatest privilege to be given the opportunity to build something that will change the world but it not as easy as the dreams and energies of day one suggest.

Sometimes it is good to look back just to see how far we have come.  It is a great accolade to say we are surviving and have an exciting future ahead; all that starts with the opening of our new office.

We move to Level 5, 23 Waring Taylor St – pop in and say hi.