Applied Infonomics Webinar Recording

Last week, we ran our first ever webinar on Applied Infonomics! We’ve tried before and failed to get anyone to register, so this time, having 26 people sign-up was a huge step forward for us. Thanks to all those who attended.

The topic discussed the Weaponisation of Data, and the Monetisation of Information. We covered off why this is an important consideration for any organisation as part of the overall Digital Transformation strategy, where your information sources – for the creation of your information asset catalogue – really are, the variety of economic models that exist which can provide the explicit information value you need and why information literacy is an enabling capability required in an organisation to realise infonomics. The presentation is available on Slideshare here:

Below is the recording of the webinar. Please note that due to operator error, the very start of the session is missing (I forgot to press record) and the end is also cut off as we ran out of recording time (which we have now resolved for next time!).

You can register for our next Webinar – “Driving Change to Thrive in the Digital Future”, here:  We will discuss the drivers for Digital Transformation and how a greater understanding of the value of your information can help ensure your business continues to thrive in the Digital Economy by meeting the demands of the Digital Citizen. We look forward to seeing you there.

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