Ideas: Helping them Flourish


You’re frustrated; IT’s frustrated.  There has to be a better way.

LINQ is a new platform that’s been designed to dramatically improve communication between IT Experts and non-technical executives.  Your existing enterprise IT environment is quickly and easily visualised in terms of the flow of information from source to business outcome.  You ‘get it’.  Your IT Experts ‘get it’.

Suddenly, you understand how that interwebbyhoojamaflip supports a dozen different business outcomes;  LINQ assigns an objective value that provides a business rationale for upgrade.  You see how the widgamadoop connects and see its objective value as well as the risk of not upgrading.  IT can share LINQ insights that help you develop foresight about the new business opportunities.  Your ideas have the context to flourish.

Once people start seeing ideas become innovation, everyone wants to contribute.  Ideas emerge from the coal face of digitisation; the knowledge workers who often see inefficiency in information flows that others can’t see.  LINQ provides a framework that judges ideas on business value so problems get addressed quickly.  Continuous Improvement is enabled.  Your business transforms.

With LINQ, value, opportunity and risk become crystal clear.  You can contribute business ideas; IT explain how they can realise your idea.  Digitisation becomes achievable.  Now.

Sounds too good to be true?  Give LINQ a go for free for a month.  What’s to lose?

LINQ provides a better way.