LINQ’s Transformational Technology maps Information Supply Chains


Putting the Focus on Information

April 12th, 2016 – Wellington, New Zealand

LINQ, a breakthrough technology for understanding an organisation’s Information Supply Chains, is now available.  LINQ allows organisations to map, track and visualise how data and information flow through its organisation in support of business outcomes. Value and costs can be associated to all data bringing clarity to budgets. Staff time as related to actions performed on information can be tracked to uncover potential bottlenecks and drive fact-based discussions with HR.

Having a view with information available enables clear conversations between the technical Information Technology (IT) teams and the non-technical business leaders. Projects move forward. Costs are understood and priorities clearly agreed upon. LINQ makes this possible.

“We are excited to see where our customers will take our technology. Often when you build disruptive technology, you don’t know all the creative and innovative ways brilliant change agents in an organisation will take it.” comments Stew Darling, CEO LINQ. “We have seen our early adopters make great strides in their organisations and look forward to seeing more.”

LINQ is a Software-as-a-Service cloud based solution available now. As global demand has grown, LINQ is looking for partners to help customers implement LINQ. For more information on the partner program go to

For more information about LINQ go to

About LINQ

LINQ is a leader in Information Supply Chain management technology. Passionate about using information flows as a way to understand and then solve complex IT issue, LINQ sees data as core element in transforming enterprise systems. See, Solve, Share – a new approach to breaking down barriers and transforming organisations.


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