Five and a half weeks to Christmas!

For small businesses, this can be a tough time, as contacts head away on long vacations. It can also be a tough time for customers who are hoping to complete projects before the New Year when they find out that the resources they are relying on are taking weeks off.

We thought it was important to let you know that we will be working as normal over the Christmas and New Year period. Now that we have 5 partners on-board, we are able to take time off and also ensure that we have good coverage across the team to fulfil​ our commitments. We will be light for the Christmas week itself, but other than that, there will be two or three of us available right through January and early February.

If there is work that you need to be done over the Christmas and Summer Holiday period and you are struggling to work out how that is going to happen, drop us a line. We can offer a set and forget service which will allow you to initiate your project, head off on your holiday and come back in the New Year knowing that things will have been done whilst you were away.

Drop us a line and we will be very happy to help you to make sure that your summer holiday is free from project worries!