Meet Stew, our latest Spatial.IQ Partner

Stew has over 20-years’ experience in the global Intelligence community with a background in Imagery Analysis and the geospatial environment. This knowledge is underpinned by a deep understanding of managing organisational change and people; ensuring that the individual abilities of every member of the team is optimized to achieve the corporate objective.

He has worked in direct support of government level strategies and facilitated national policy decision-making in support of international coalition operations in trouble spots across Latin-America, the Middle-East and Asia. Stew is committed to empowering individuals and organizations through an awareness that; seeking and acting upon opportunities, when reinforced with strong communication, leads to greater assurance and sustained achievement.​
We will be making use of Stew’s Change Management and Programme Management expertise to offer new opportunities to our customers and we look forward to introducing you to him over the coming weeks.

You can contact Stew at